Wednesday, December 27, 2006

YMCA Offers Family Resolution Help

The YMCA is doing a huge push to build families - probably because this is their competitive edge over other gyms, which seem to view children as incidential. I guess it could be because the Y has a sense of mission....

Anyway, the Y issued a press release about family resolutions. I'm taking it verbatim, because you're allowed to do that with press releases, but I've cut out all the obvious tips like hold a family meeting:
  • Make "well-rounded" resolutions. The YMCA suggests developing lifestyle resolutions that balance spirit, mind and body. Consider areas including physical activity, nutrition, community service/volunteerism, worship, learning and fun.
  • Make resolutions specific, realistic and measurable. Develop resolutions that are inclusive for the whole family and consider each person's starting point. Choose goals that are simple, measurable and put the family on the road toward a healthier lifestyle.
  • Accentuate the positive. Make more resolutions which focus on adding healthy activities rather than restricting unhealthy ones -- adding afresh fruit snack every afternoon will naturally help replace the afternoon candy bar.
  • Don't "over resolve." Consider what's realistic given realities of your family current daily life that cannot be changed, or at least not changed overnight.
  • Track progress in a fun, interactive and visual way. Put resolutions in writing and display them on the refrigerator where every familymember will see them regularly. Be creative; make resolution posters and charts for mapping progress.
  • Celebrate with positive, healthy rewards. Honor each small successwith positive, fun and healthy rewards that meet the needs of the entire family. Schedule regular check-ins, such as a monthly family dinner discussion, and celebrate your achievements, both big and small.
  • Prepare for setbacks and work together to overcome barriers as a team. Setbacks aren't failure; they are times to call in the troops for reinforcement. If a family member is having trouble meeting a goal, brainstorm together to develop a new strategy.
The Y also is offering a free New Year's family resolution worksheet, links to other online resources, and ideas for family resolutions.

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