Wednesday, December 06, 2006

TV: 1 Me: 1

I managed to get through Monday without watching TV. My little one only watched a half hour, as per the plan.

Last night, I was exhausted, though, and I found myself very drawn to it. So I compromised and watched a DVD of Scrubs. I watched one episode and a few special features, which finished out the DVD so I could send it back to Netflix. I wanted to send it back so I could get Rudolf for us to all watch together this weekend. So, I don't feel too bad about that.

My little one didn't do as well. Hubby was sick yesterday and had kept me up half the night. So when he felt better, I took a nap. He still wasn't up to par, so he let her watch TV - about an hour and a half to two hours worth! I wasn't very happy, but I guess it was the best he could do. Still, I feel she would've played without it or he could've read to her longer.

When I got the urge to watch TV, I put on Christmas music instead. That really seemed to help relax me and stop the barking in my head.

All in all, I like watching less TV. Time seems to move more slowly and I'm less frazzled. It's annoying, having that yapping on all the time in the background. Plus, Little One is better behaved and playing more. Overall, she seems happier and her pretend play seems to be getting richer because she has to keep at it. She seems to be developing longer story lines.

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