Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Timely Way to Donate

Thrifty Mommy posted this morning about a thrifty way to help the needy. Pampers is giving $1 to America'’s Second Harvest for every ecard sent through their site. If you're not familiar with Second Harvest, they're a food bank network. Ellen DeGeneres featured them on her show. (I'm not sure why I mentioned that. I guess I think it makes them legitimate.)

According to Second Harvest, 52.4 percent of households with children had to choose between buying food and paying for utilities or heating fuel.

How can this giving opportunity be transformed into a family activity? Simple. This morning, when your children wake up - or when they return home from school - sit them down and have them create an e-card for anyone in the family with an email account. It's a great way to brighten your Significant Other's day, reach out to a relative who lives far away or simply to send a hug to Grandma.

Then, explain that this is a way to give and visit America's Second Harvest site. Children might be particularly interested in the Children Hunger Facts under Learn More About Others. Older children may want to take the time to read The Almanac of Hunger and Poverty in America 2006 or the 2005 Hunger Study. If teens have a Web site, they might want to add a Second Hunger banner.

You can also find ideas for volunteering under How to Help. Check out the volunteer opportunity search page, which will help you locate affiliated organizations in your area.

My family plans to work with a food bank in our area. We're hoping to be involved with the Kid's Cafe.




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