Friday, December 08, 2006

TV: 2 Me: 2

Last night, once again, I turned on the tube. Three times.

I didn't feel well and Hubby and Little One were gone. I felt dizzy and didn't want to do anything, so I decided to watch one of my recorded shows. A rerun of Scrubs was on Comedy Central when I turned on the TV, and that's my favorite, so I watched it. Then I watched Hereos. I successfully turned the TV off. But much later - say, midnight - when I couldn't sleep and I was hungry, I made a sandwich and watched a recorded Scrubs. I ended up eating a bunch of junk, largely because of the TV being on, I think.

But, here's the deal - the mix of TV and food calmed me down. I think this will be the real battle for me: Not using the TV as a drug that soothes my nerves.

At least my Little One wasn't there to witness it. Part of this whole no-TV thing is about being a better role model, but I still feel a bit hypocritical turning to TV, even if she's not around to see it.




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