Sunday, December 31, 2006

Prayer for December 31

Each Sunday, my goal is to share a prayer that focuses on family. This week, I've found a list of resolutions for parents on It could easily be a prayer - and, truthfully, it is my prayer to become a person who practices these resolutions. Here's a few lines from the list:

In 2007, I resolve not to teach my children to have a happy, productive life, but rather to help them choose a happy, productive day. ...

I resolve to relax, while remembering that relaxing does not mean resigning. ...

I resolve to make my approach to parenting reflect the notion that raising a child is more about drawing out what already exists in a youngster rather than about putting in to fill perceived deficiencies. ...

I resolve to make myself dispensable and assist my children in becoming increasingly in charge of themselves and their own lives. ...

I resolve to recognize that my children are in my life as much so I can learn from them as they are so they can learn from me. I will be open to the lessons my children offer me and honor them for helping me learn and grow.


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