Friday, December 29, 2006

Working Advice for Working Parents

We have a work-hybrid family. Both of us work, but my work is more flexible and less demanding. It's still a struggle to find family time, but I hope it's a bit easier than it would be if I worked 40 hours.

But both parents working full-time is more the norm than not. That means family time is competing with time for errands, housekeeping, the personal pursuits and friends that make life worthwhile, and keeping up with Lost, which in my house is considered an unbreakable weekly commitment.

How do you make it all work?

This article from the BBC suggests that if you want a close family, you must schedule time to spend together and make it a top priority. As the piece points out, it's too easy to take "just one phone call" from your mother or watch "just one show" until you've whittled away the time you would've spent together.

The advice is obviously simple - but it's also completely on the mark. You have to ignore the phone, turn off the TV and focus on each other. You also have to be creative about incorporating family time into your errands, chores and hobbies.

You'll find more articles on how parents can create balance family life with careers under the Work-Get a Better Balance tab.

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