Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More on Volunteering

Recently, I posted about my intention to start volunteering as a family activity in 2007. It's not an easy goal, since my child is only three, but I've got a few good ideas on how to make it happen.

I stumbled across this article in Family Fun about family volunteering and wanted to share it. I particularly like Ways to Give During the Year, a listing of suggestions for each month.

There's also another article on Family Fun called Lessons in Giving. It has more concrete volunteering suggestions and tips for picking an organization or activity that will match your family's strengths and goals.

By the way, Family Fun is a fantastic magazine, but it's so full of ideas, it can be overwhelming. Each month, I pull out the activities I want to do and store them in my tickler file. As they come up, I get the supplies and then do them during that week.

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