Friday, December 15, 2006

Why the Rename?

I've decided to change the title of this blog to Time for Family, because that's what the url says. I'm not particularly fond of either name - it sounds like some politically-motivated campaign or maybe a craft site. I don't want it to be either.

My reason for launching this site is to provide a space for exploring how to build a healthy, strong family. Not a perfect family. Not a 1950s advertising family. Not a sit-com family. A real, thinking, growing family with deep abiding love.

I don't think we're born knowing how to do that - we're just born with a deep desire to have a family.

Plus, I found a website called Family Time. It's a practical, magazine-style site, with some interesting tools, including a family calendar, a recipe box and a shopping list that interacts with the recipe box.

Family Time: | |




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