Monday, January 01, 2007

Death and Young Children

Tomorrow will not be a good day for my family. Tomorrow is the first day of visitation for my husband's grandmother, my daughter's great-grandmother and a truly wonderful, gentle soul.

Even though she died last Wednesday, we haven't seen the body yet. Apparently, the holiday got in the way.

As a mother, my first question is should I bring Little Bit, who's not quite four. Currently, my plan is to bring her for some of the visitation and then take her home. She will not go to the funeral because, frankly, she can't even sit through a church service yet.

I suspect we'll get a lot of questions, so I've sent a bit of time researching how to handle preschooler questions.

My favorite article on the topic thus far comes from Preschooler Today. Grievance counsellors suggest you expose children to the grieving process so they can learn about it and because when you hide your emotions from them, they sense it.

Here are some other articles that were helpful, should any other parents of preschoolers face this issue:
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