Friday, January 26, 2007

Letters from Anne Frank's Father Found

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research will release letters by Otto Frank detailing how he tried to get his family - including young daughter Anne Frank - out of Nazi-occupied Holland on Feb. 14 - appropriately enough, Valentine's days. The letters were found last year as part of a collection of other records from agencies that helped people emmigrate from Europe.

The letters show Otto Frank tried to emigrate from Holland to the U.S. or Cuba, via Paris or Spain.

The YIVO Institute, which is based in New York, found the letters among 100,000 other Holocaust-related documents 18 months ago.

Anne Frank, of course, is the young woman who wrote Anne Frank's Diary, an account of her family's attempts to evade Nazi capture by hiding for two years in an attic.

It's a sad reminder of how the world failed so many families during the Holocaust.




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