Friday, January 05, 2007

This Month's Family Mission

You may recall that I'm committed to doing some sort of charitable work as a family each month. It's surprisingly hard to come up with ongoing solutions with a preschooler, so I'm opting for random acts of giving.

Parent Hacks posted about a Corp of Engineers worker who wants gently used toys and school supplies to give to Iraqi children - especially stuffed toys. I think this might be a good option for us this month. Little Bit is too young to want to give many away, but even a few would be good.

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Anonymous patti@strollerderby said...

My preschooler actually gets really excited when we do our every-couple-months sorting of toys and clothes for charity. Sometimes I have to veto her when she tries to add things she really enjoys into the giveaway pile, because I know she'll regret it.

Because it's something we do frequently and because we talk about our reasons for doing it all the time, she's on board. We do a sort about every three months, and if I'm bringing them to a donation center, I bring the kids with me.

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