Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Flu

Boy, nothing, I mean nothing, tests your family's ability to be together like sickness. Today, I actually asked my husband if he still had a job and our daughter wondered out loud, "Why Daddy isn't going out in the world?"

Our family's had the flu. Not the so-called stomach-flu, which is actually a different virus, but the congestion, in your chest, hacking and draining, body aching Flu.

For some reason, Little Bit didn't get sick. Which meant we had to do tag-team parenting, alternating naps and Dora-watching, until my mother finally caught on to all my hints and picked up Little Bit to bring to her house. Finally, we both got the sleep we needed. I picked up Little Bit and felt better....except not completely better. Just well enough to get up and make myself sick again. And apparently, Hubby's in the same boat. He went to work yesterday only to come home mid-day, hacking up a lung. I guess they'd rather he do that at home.

After a few vacation days, Christmas, a week of mourning, a funeral and now sickness - well, we're getting a lot of family togetherness in. It's kinda nice, having everyone home, but much of it consists of us being miserable and watching too much TV. Not exactly what you picture in the days before you give birth, but then again, that's the beauty of family: Good, bad, thick, thin, that's who sees it through with you.


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