Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cheap, Delicious, Easy Family Dinner Idea

Generally, I try to plan my meals down to the last vegetable. I need a recipe, ingredient list and plan for every dinner. Otherwise, I just have no idea what to do with food.

Google has changed that. Now, I can buy a meat with high hopes of finding an easy, online recipe, preferably one that can be made in a crockpot. So, a few weeks ago, as an act of faith, I bought a bunch of chicken wings weeks ago and stored them in the freezer.

We've been sick, so groceries were low. Time to use the chicken wings. I found a recipe for Mediterrean Chicken on the Flylady site. There are lots of great, easy, slowcooker recipe, but I had the stuff for this one.

Basically, you throw the chicken wings,(you should probably rinse them off first), in the crockpot, put a can of tomatoes - I used diced - and a can of black olives, (I had whole ones leftover from Christmas and used these), on top and cook on high for five hours. If you leave for work in the morning, you could do low for all day.

I sprinkled in some pepper, thyme and oregano. When it was done, we added noodles and topped it with grated Parmesan cheese. It was fantastic!

You could do all sorts of variations. You could brown the meat first. You could use rice. You could use a different cheese, skip the olives or use green peppers instead. I suppose you could spunk it up with crushed red peppers or green chilies.

My daughter just ate the noodles - she does that. Starch at one meal, meat at a different meal. But Hubby and I loved it, plus it made enough for us to have seconds and him to have it for lunch. If you're looking for new, easy meal ideas, we recommend it.

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