Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A New Breed of Family: The Crunchy Conservatives

Who drops off out of the dominant culture because it's too materialistic, joins an organic food co-op, and then starts a family farm without pesticides while homeschooling their children?

Apparently, it's a new breed of family called the Crunchy Conservatives.

According to this article, Crunchy Conservatives care about the environment, eat organic food and are dropping out of a culture they feel is too materialistic. Many sound like ex-yuppies who now feel called to a different life - a life that values the family.

What can I say? I agree. Our culture is too materialistic and we should stop worshipping the all-mighty dollar and care about the environment. I agree that work shouldn't be the focus of your life. And I definitely think we shouldn't enroll our children in ballet and six other kinds of activities, sending the family in 60 different directions every night, just because everybody else is.

I just hope that on their way out of the power cities, they remember to call up their power-friends and present their new outlook. I also hope they're respectful of the rural areas to which they're moving. Thanks to their previous incarnations as rich yuppies, they can afford to move to rural areas. Let's see if those farms remain whole instead of being subdivided into five-acre micro play farms.

I also hope they don't isolate themselves from the real, working people who live there - although, with all the homeschooling, it sounds like that might be a big part of the plan.

Still, all-in-all, Crunchy Conservatism, with its focus on the family, anti-materialism, and the environemtn, sounds great to me. Even if, as a liberal, I feel I beat them to the punch. ;-)


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Blogger Soundhunter said...

Hi! I'v enjoyed perusing your writings. Just wanted to comment on the homeschooling thing, since we plan to homeschool, I know many homeschoolers, and I'm familiar with people like me, non-Chritian homeschoolers and the religious ones like you speak of.

I don't think most homeschoolers homeschool in order to isolate their kids from the world, but with the focus instead on keeping their kids close to home, family centered rather than peer oriented. It's the ultimate form of family building, in my opinon, which is shared by many.

Best wishes to you :0)

7:02 PM  
Blogger Loraine said...


Yes, I can see your point. I guess my concern was with the comment in the article about not trusting the schools with their children.

I've considered homeschooling myself, but then I realized my daughter would almost anyone else try to teach her than me. I seem to have no teaching skills at all.

8:42 PM  

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