Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Candy: Treat AND Trick

I'm probably not the only one staring at a ton of Halloween candy this morning, wondering how I'm going to keep my daughter from a sugar-induced coma. Fortunately, this is exactly the weird sort of issue the Internet is good for resolving.

So I Googled what to do with Halloween candy and found a few entries on the topic. They seem to fall into two categories: Treat your children over the course of months by dolling the candy out piece-by-piece or trick your children by tossing it, giving it away or convincing them to trading the candy for toys.

"Ten Things to do with All That Halloween Candy," published on, offers the best suggestions and is frequently linked to and quoted on various sites, including

Here's a list of my favorite suggestions, culled from various websites and blogs:
  • Use your Halloween candy for lunch treats; let your child choose a treat each day for one week after Halloween.

  • Have the children fill up bags of candy and take it to their teachers for school time treats throughout the year.

  • Allow your child to select one, two or three pieces per day from a bag, but make them have a glass of milk or water for each treat. Kidshealth.

  • Fill a coffee can with candy and bring it to your local nursing home, homeless shelter or a charity for the staff to enjoy. I'm thinking of dropping some off at the local Ronald McDonald house.

  • And finally, here's a quirky list on how to manage your Halloween stash.

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