Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Crazy Cost of Family Health Insurance

Did you know premiums for family health coverage have increased 78 percent since 2001?

By comparison, wages rose 19 percent and the inflation rate was 'only' 17 percent, according to this Columbus Business First article.

No wonder my husband's pay raises never seem to result in more money for us. I know it's the insurance, too, because my husband gets his pay increase in March and a cost of living adjust in January. However - the insurance plan doesn't change until July. This year, it ate up his entire pay raise, plus a three percent a cost of living adjust - and then some. Not only that - but our co-pays went up!

The article also included this cheering statistic:
Workers on average now contribute an average of about $3,281, or 27 percent, of their paychecks for a family plan.


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