Monday, April 02, 2007

Quick Tip For Monday: April Fools Tricks for Families

Despite the success of Punked and other prank-playing shows, it seems to me practical jokes are getting rarer by the year. I can't remember the last time someone I know pulled a really funny, decent prank on someone.

Yesterday was April Fool's Day. I always forget until the next day, but this year, I decided to do better. So I wrapped a rubber band around the sprayer on the kitchen sink. The idea was my husband would get a glass of water and the sprayer would turn on, dousing him.

Great idea - except I was up hours before my hubby and I managed to drench myself three times before he finally woke up. Patiently, I waited. He showered, got dressed for church and I had forgotten what I'd done until I finally hear him tell the dog, "Are you out of water? I'll get you water!" in his usual marytr tone.

Splash! From the kitchen, I heard, "Hey!" and I lost it.

He admitted it was a good prank, but added wistfully, "If that's how you want our relationship to be."

And there's the rub. If you pull a prank, you'd better watch your back and prepare to laugh it off when your victim seeks revenge.

Pranks are a great way to build family bonds. While you should be careful when you pick your victim - stodgy, angry Uncle Dude probably isn't your best first choice - there's no reason why you shouldn't introduce a bit of humor into your family life. Just make sure your prank is fun, innocent and done in good spirits - and that the 'victim' can laugh at his or herself.

Family Fun offers a list of pranks, including a slew of food pranks to play on the kids. Okay, it's not April 1 - but a day late makes the prank all the more surprising, doesn't it?

Oh, for you Internet fans, Google got me with this one, though I protest it's only because I hadn't had my coffee.

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