Monday, October 30, 2006

A Little Bit About My Family

Some people just know how to be a family. They do exciting family hobbies, like Geocaching, pass down family recipes and just feel great about their families.

But that's not always the case. In fact, I'd argue those people are more the exception than the rule. Some of us have ideas about family, but know we could use some improving. I'm that person. My family nights tend to involve a lot of TV and take out. And many times, my husband split up the evenings - I work or run errands while he watches our tot. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But sometimes, it feels like we're running a relay race instead of acting like a family. "Are you up from your nap? Can I nap now?" "Good - you're home. I gotta work. Just make spaghetti tonight and call me when it's ready."

Still, the idea of sitting down and having a family game night or Macaroni Duck night seems too contrived...and often, our preschooler has other ideas about how she wants to spend her time. None of us are good at routines and rules - something all the pros tell you that you MUST do if you want a well-run home.

I'm not sure I want a well-run home, but I do to build a strong, bonded family. And then there's the extended family - why is it I never see my sister or brother, though they live within a few blocks of my home? Why do we all dread Christmas at grandma's house? What can I do to bring all of us together in a happier, healthier way? Or is this whole idea of the close-knit family a myth we tell ourselves to get through life?

This blog will look at building a family. Occasionally, you may find tips for good family games or recipes. But I also hope to explore larger, society issues and questions.



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